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Once upon a time, an evil wizard stole a royal amulet and used it to cast a curse on the country's royal family. To make sure the curse would never be lifted, he hid the amulet in the Deep Dungeon, an underground lair guarded by vile creatures. Years later, after discovering your ties to the monarchy, you were told that you could claim the throne if you could only retrieve the royal amulet and break the wizard's curse. Figuring that the curse will find a way to ruin your life eventually, you venture down the stairways of the Deep Dungeon and face its terrible dangers, armed only with the hope of finding the amulet and restoring the honor of your cursed family. Can you survive long enough to succeed?

This game is part of the Team Pixelboy Budget Series.

My good friend Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez (creator of Princess Quest, Mecha-8 and Mecha-9, and creator of the CoolCV emulator) received some very bad news back in spring 2016: His wife was diagnosed with stage-4 lung cancer, and she had to give birth to her daughter prematurely so she could receive chemotherapy treatments. When I learned about this, I decided to help Óscar with the medical bills by starting a new budget-priced series of Team Pixelboy games. These games are mostly ColecoVision ports of MSX homebrew games that were submitted to the MSXdev contests in recent years, and there are a few games coded from scratch as well. Some of the money from the sales of these budget games went directly to Óscar.

I wanted the budget series to cover a wide range of game genres, and I really wanted to have at least one RPG included in the series, so back in May 2016, one homebrewer I contacted was ARTRAG on the AtariAge forums, concerning his MSX game Deep Dungeon Adventure which he had submitted to MSXdev'08 (and won first prize for it!). I was quite pleased when he accepted my request to publish the game as part of the budget series to help Óscar, and Óscar himself ported it to the ColecoVision afterwards.

The budget games were released in limited quantities, just enough to honor all pre-orders recorded during the summer of 2016. I would like to thank everyone who pre-ordered these games and helped our friend Óscar in his time of need.

This game was completed and released in 2017.

  • Arturo Ragozini : Designer and programmer of original MSX version
  • Richard Cornelisse : Graphics
  • John Hassink : Music and sound effects
  • Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez : ColecoVision port
  • Joe Blenkle : Software beta-testing
  • Luc Miron : Box design, game manual, cartridge label
  • Harvey deKleine : Electronic sourcing and assemblies
  • SPECIAL THANKS: Tobie St-Aubin, Tommy Boyer and Albert Yarusso.

Here is a YouTube video of the ColecoVision version of Deep Dungeon Adventure.