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Don't panic! Just pretend you're rich and keep those jewels coming!

Welcome to Jewel Panic, a puzzle game where you must swap jewels around and match them up in horizontal or vertical groups of three or more to make them disappear, and score points in the process! As you clear jewels from the pit, more and more keep falling in to fill the gaps! Create bombs by making special lineups of jewels, and use these bombs to clear away jewels in desperate situations. Play the game in the more relaxed regular mode, or for more action, try the survival mode, where the bonus bar keeps decreasing at the bottom of the screen and you have to keep it from going empty. And if that's too easy for you, there's the even faster expert mode for a real challenge!

Back in 2007, I created a new title screen for Daniel Bienvenu's Jewel Panic game, which was planned as a re-release of his older port of Bejeweled. Daniel lost interest in this project, however, so in late 2010, I took it upon myself to encode my title screen into a demo ROM. After I showed this demo to Daniel, he gave me the original source code of Bejeweled and gave me full permission to modify it to my liking.

I rewrote pretty much 100% of the software from scratch, mostly to make it easier to add features to the game. But the compiled software got so big that I decided to use my custom Activision PCB for this project, which allows me to not only create a 64K game (which allows me to include some background music and better sound effects), but also facilitate the saving of Jewel Panic's high score tables onto an EEPROM inside the cartridge.

As it stands now, the game is much improved over Daniel's original version, but there's still a lot of work to do on it.

LAST UPDATE: September 2nd 2017

Programming of this game is being handled by myself, based on source code provided by Daniel Bienvenu.

Software Software is roughly 70% done, but will probably require a near-complete rewrite once I get around to it.
Box Boxes have been printed.
Manual No work done so far.
Cartridge Casing The game will be offered in Activision-style casings (because this will be a 64K game with EEPROM savegame chip included).
Cartridge Label Label template is ready to be printed.
Completion Status 25%

No media available.